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Finding wholeness is a journey. It is essential yet often overlooked.


In this 7-lesson program, we will empower you to embark on the journey to inner healing and wholeness - body, soul, spirit - through creative arts and painting, and help you regain emotional wellness. 

1. Understanding Your Emotions

Our emotions are often not the way we understand them. Our logical thinking can easily mislead us into associating certain emotions with the wrong cause. Through this session, let your heart reveal to you what are the true causes for some of your emotions and how they function in your daily life. You will be able to understand and manage your emotions in a much more efficient way.  

2. Closing Wounds (Emotional Healing) 

We all go through life experiencing pain. The way we deal with pain will determine how we interact with others from that point on - whether we are aware of it or not. When we go through life carrying old wounds, we will never experience the joy and peace we were meant to enjoy. In this session, we will go down the memory lane  and walk through a journey of forgiveness to remove the roots of our pains.

3. A Journey To Wholeness

Often times, we feel that we are not fully living our lives to its potential. We live with regrets and “what if's”. Yet, we are not sure what is truly stopping us from living our lives we desire. We believe wholeness involves three compartments: body, soul (heart) and spirit, and they effect each other in the most amazing ways. Through this session, you will be guided to look into your heart and face the emotions hidden behind all the regrets and fear that are stopping you from pursuing your dreams, or even effecting your physical health.

4. Finding Your Inner Peace

Peace is a beautiful thing we hope for but hard to come by. There are times which we feel haunted by memories that are full of mixed emotions. Though we can live with it, but it robs us of our peace. During this session, we will expose the hidden emotions that are disturbing your peace. Your heart will be at ease after finding the long-lost and tangible sensation of peace.

5. Discover The Real You

Do you really know who you are? Or you are just living as someone you think you should be. It is impossible to be good enough when you are not being you. In this session, you will have a chance to see the imposed identities on you through the pain and fear you experienced at a younger age. You will be guided to rediscover who you really are - your identity and self worth. You will be able to see yourself from a different perspective and start to live your life feeling loved, accpeted and protected.

6. Battling Depression & Anxiety

Depression and anxiety put in simpler term is crippling fear manifested as constant accusations. Fear is irrational, but it does have a root cause. Emotional response is always developed through a period of time. In this session, we will be digging through layers of behaviour related to fears and self-accusations; and bring encouragement to your heart to cheer you on in your battles against depression and anxiety.

7. Rediscover Your Ever-lasting Joy

Now days, pursuing happiness has become a luxurious lifestyle. It is not that people have no intension in being joyful; but there just seems to always be things that would keep us from being happy. Through this session, we will be identifying the root cause to the negative emotions that’s keeping you at bay. You will find courage and be empowered to truly live your life and find real joy.

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